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It is said that Goddess Kali is powerful enough to kill those demons, who could not be killed even by Lord Shiva. Worship of goddess kali is immensely helpful in dealing successfully and safely with witchcrafts, evil & demonic forces, effects of black magic, evil eye/najar, negativity and curse, and rising debts.

Kali Matha Pooja Prayers

Worshipping a cow is like worshipping the Goddess Kamadhenu, the divine bovine Goddess, who is considered powerful enough to fulfill all the desires of the worshipping person. As per religious scriptures, gow pooja performed with the rituals prescribed in the sacred texts is helpful in the following like wiping out the pitru dosha (ancestral afflictions), lessening debts and overcoming financial losses, removing obstacles and negative forces/influences, attaining wealth & prosperity, progress and success in studies, and enjoying a happy domesticity.

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